Looking Ahead: Super Mario Odyssey

I’m trying not to get to excited, I’m really trying. But come on, have you guys seen the trailer for Super Mario Odyssey? It’s insane. The last 3D Mario world we played, Super Mario 3D Land, felt really stale. It played just like every other Mario game, and while it’s fun doing new puzzles and games on each updated system, Mario looked like it was simmering out after this one.

That’s why as soon as I heard about Nintendo’s new console, 3DMario was the first thing I thought about. Nintendo knew that with Super Mario 3D Land’s stagnant gameplay, it was time tothrow something completely new out there.

History Repeats

If you’ve ever played Super Mario Sunshine, you probably loved it. It was pretty much unanimously considered one of the best games to come to Gamecube. When I watched the trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, I was overcome with nostalgia from the Gamecube hit. I’m excited to see fast, acrobatic 3D action again with 2017’s technological power behind the scenes.

What Do We Know?

Unfortunately, we don’t know much. The game looks like it will be set in a NYC style metropolis. It seems Mario has a new companion in the two eyes on his hat. We can assume that with the “Odyssey” theme, this companion will probably take Mario all over the world to save the princess. From gameplay videos, we can see Mario exploring a desert, a forest, a theme park, and even a polygonal world made of fruit; what’s not to love? Odyssey’s release date is set for the holiday season later this year. For those of us who can’t wait that long, we’ll be playing Super Mario Sunshine ported on the Wii U until Nintendo throws us more reasons to get excited about Odyssey.


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