Top 4 Songs by The Killers

After their start in 2001, The Killers helped shaped contemporary alternative rock music into what it is today. In 2004, their debut studio album “Hot Fuss” was released, and it included several tracks that we still listen to today. Since then, The Killers have experimented with some psychedelic sounds, but they’ve still been the British alternative rock band we love to sing along with.the killers

4. When You Were Young – Sam’s Town

Sam’s Town was somewhat surprising to music fans everywhere. Hot Fuss had an unpolished, indie rock/punk feel to it that made listeners fall in love. But instead of continuing down that path, The Killers cleaned up the songs in the studio, and released the most influential heartland rock album since Bruce Springsteen. “When You Were Young” is the musical epitome of the album, crescendoing into a distorted guitar solo, and then a full chorus complete with strings and bells.

3. Smile Like You Mean It – Hot Fuss

Number 4 on the list is one
of my personal favorites. The melodic verses dance off your tongue while you scream along, and the somber, pessimistic chorus is so simple that you can’t help but to hum the melody. This track is a slowed-down version of their other hits, but it shows that they can convey more than one emotion in their music.

2. All These Things That I’ve Done – Hot Fusshot fuss

This song is a work of art. The high piano notes at the beginning alone can get my generation singing “When there’s nowhere else to run…” On top of that, there’s nothing quite as satisfying in the world as singing along “yeah, oh don’t you put me on the back burner, you know you gotta help me out.” Like “Smile Like You Mean It,” this track showcases The Killers ability to slow things down and still evict powerful emotions. The famous bridge, where Flowers and a Church choir sing “I got soul, but I’m not a soldier” takes things to a whole other level. The build brings the whole song to a thunderous and resounding peak before fading to silence.

1. Mr. Brightsidemr brightside – Hot Fuss

I’m sure no one is surprised with The Killers’ number one song. Just hearing “I’m coming out of my cage, and I been doing just fine” is enough to get anyone on their feet and rowdy. Since its release in 2003,
Mr. Brightside has never gone a year without appearing on the UK top 100 at least once. Interestingly enough, it’s also the most streamed song from the 2000’s. People really like this one, and I can’t blame them. The emotional rollercoaster this song puts you through comes out every time you hear it at a party. This truly is The Killers’ best work.


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