Skateboarding Tricks: The Shove-It

If you’re still working on your ollie, you might be relieved to hear that there are a few tricks you can actually learn before you’ve mastered it. The shove-it (or shove) happens when the board rotates 180 degrees under your feet. This basic trick is a building block for variations like varial flips and ollie 180s, and it’s the precursor to the much more impressive 360 shove-it, and the 360 flip.

Stance Disclaimer: Doing a shove from regular position takes a lot of back leg power. For this reason, new skaters often find it easier to learn shove-its in a position on the nose (fakie or nollie). Be sure to try it in all the positions to find what works best for you.

Which Way Should the Board Spin?: Before you even set up your feet, you’re gonna want to visualize the trick. Since this article is for beginners, I’m only going to talk about standard backside shove-its. Frontside shove-its are a little more advanced and often require a little more pop like an ollie. For a regular shove-it, if you’re a regular skater, your right foot on the tail should kick the board behind you, spinning it 180 degrees clockwise. Goofy skaters do just the opposite, using the left foot to kick the board 180 degrees counter-clockwise.

Foot Placement: For a regular skater doing a regular shove, the right foot should be on the tail, but on the right side of the board, in order to spin it more quickly. The left foot should stay in its normal position, and can be used to guide the board as it spins around.

The New Pop: It’s more of a scoop, actually, and that’s what everyone calls it. When you’re spinning the board like a blade on a fan, your popping foot, rather than popping off of the ground, should lift the other side of the board’s wheels off the ground, quickly rotate it, and catch the other side of the board when it comes around. This scoop will evolve as you skate more, and you’ll find yourself popping your scoops and getting more air on your tricks.



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