What’s Next for the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo’s newest console has been out for about a month and a half now, and people still haven’t made up their minds. On one hand, the new device offers power and portability previously unseen coming from Nintendo; but on the other, a weak release day lineup hints that maybe there could have been some better planning.switch

At launch, the console had 12 games available to play, only 3 of which were produced by mainstream studios. Despite this, game stores across the world were selling out of them. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one for $300, but I’ve heard of people paying $700 for the Switch, even a month after its release. This high demand is something that the Switch’s precursor, the Wii U did not bring with it.

So where is the appeal? The console is slick, I mean, really slick. While it’s insanely accessory-based, the joycons feel nice in your hands, and very satisfyingly lock into place on either side of the screen, or in a controller grip. The new controllers, about half the size of the old Wii remotes, ditched most of the motion focus that the Wii remotes were so infamously known for. While they still can be used like a Wii remote, the joycons feel natural to use just as a controller too, unlike Nintendo’s previous controllers.

Why should you buy a Switch?

The biggest reason to get the Nintendo Switch relies on a lot of trust. Sure, there’s Zelda, Breath of the Wild to get excited about, and even Mario Kart 8 Deluxe addition, but Nintendo announced even before the Switch was released some of the most exciting news for video game fans: major third party developers.

In the past, Nintendo consoles were not good for making money. As a result, the store was flooded with either simple, repetitive games, or huge expensive games published by Nintendo themselves. With specs that actually give it some clout within the gaming community, many third-party publishers now believe that the machine can run games that we’ve been enjoying on other systems. For example, Minecraft was added to the store recently. Additionally, Skyrim is set to be released sometime this fall, and NBA 2k18 is expected in September. So if you’ve held out on getting a Nintendo console ’til now for it’s limited library, or its clunky hardware, this might be the break you’ve been looking for.

game linuep

Nintendo Switch 2017 Release Lineup (from Gamespot)


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